Frightened Rabbit at the Kool Haus

October 20, 2013 at 7:48 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Even with your favourite band, there’s a danger of over-exposure. I saw First Aid Kit three times in a year, and not that they weren’t great, but the last show felt like a re-cap of the second.

So it was with a little trepidation, that my wife ad I headed to the Kool Haus to see Frightened Rabbit for the thirds time in a little over a year.

Opening band was the Augustines, a New york based band that sounded a lot like the bastard offspring of Mumford and Sons and Frightened Rabbit. If that sounds like a put-down, it’s not. they did what the support band is supposed to do,  warm up the crowd (although judging by the applause., they also brought a contingent of fans with them).

Frightened Rabbit came on a little after ten and played, including encores a ninety minute set of fantastically powerful music. True, the format seemed in rather place (towards the end of the set, the band leaves the stage to allow Scott Hutchison to play a few solo numbers before returning to finish up), but who cares. You always feel you’re seeing your best mate’s band, and he’s playing all your favourite songs.

FR mentioned on their site that this spring’s Toronto show at the Phoenix was one of the best of the tour, and so, and if this one didn’t quite reach that height it may have been that the Kool Haus is less intimate than the Phoenix or the Mod Club. Still, they gave it their best, and we all went home happy.


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