Music Notes – September 2022

September 30, 2022 at 1:17 am (Uncategorized)

Some things worth a listen (or a read) .

The Beths – Expert in a Dying Field
When people tell me they like British comedy because they’ve watched Monty Python or the Office, I feel a need to point out, there’s a lot of crap British comedy too. I wonder about New Zealand bands. It is like Monty Python in that we’re only seeing the great stuff? Whatever it is, check out the great new Beths album. Another fine slice of indie pop.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – B Sides and Rarities Part II
What do you say about a two CD set of alternative versions and B sides that sound as good an everything else Cave has produced? A seemingly limitless talent.

Blondie – Against All Odds
A major major compilation of Blondie material. You can spring for the deluxe set, but you probably have those records anyway. The 3 CD box set with a cool book has loads of B-sides, outtakes and demos. A real labour of love with some fascinating alternative versions of all the songs you know.

Sons of Kemet – Your Queen is a Reptile
One from of Uncut’s 300 list. A ferocious jazz record which really hit home. I’m not a jazz fan in general, but this album caught me.

Neil Young – Americana
Neil takes on some old classic Americana by adding loads of guitars to the mix. Keep on Rocking in the Free World.

Whipping Boy – Heartworm
This one came out of nowhere for me. Late 80s to late 90s Irish band’s second album is a hook laden beast, full of angry guitars and a captivating singer. Fantastic post-punk sort of sound.

This Uncut (yes, them again) special edition on the scene that celebrated itself is both a way in for those not intimately familiar with Shoegaze, and also a feast for those who are already there. Pricey, but worthy.

The Pixies – Doggerel
The album drops tomorrow. Heard only the singles, but it’s the new Pixies album. Isn’t that worth 40 minutes or so out of your busy day?

Till next month.


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