News of the Weird #2

June 24, 2019 at 9:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m not altogether sold on this title, but it’ll do for now.

1 Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Rob Ford, the crack-smoking late Mayor of Toronto didn’t really care if people liked him, but he really liked people. His brother, current Ontario Premier Doug Ford, is the opposite: He’s rude, brusque , bully, who clearly wants to be loved. It wasn’t a good week: First he was booed at the Raptors’ victory celebration and was likely inadvertently snubbed by  Masai Ujiri. His cabinet shuffle on Thursday demoted several prominent members of his government in an effort to distance himself from unpopular policies, fooling no one. In the recent shuffle, cabinet was expanded by 4 to make almost 40% of the PCs part of the cabinet. His chief of staff, the widely unpopular Dean French, was forced to resign after a friend of French’s son’s and his wife’s second cousin received and then lost plum patronage posts, and finally the also unpopular Lisa MacLeod announced the traditional Canada Day party on the lawn of the legislature would be cancelled in favour of a different celebration  throughout the province (“PCs Cancel Canada Day” read the headlines – true or not, the optics are terrible).  The policies of vindictive incompetence continue …

2. The Raptors

I don’t care for basketball, but it was nice to see the outpouring of support and the seemingly endless numbers who turned out to cheer the team during a parade on Monday. Marred somewhat by a shooting at Nathan Phillips Square downtown: You’re going to a celebration of the first Canadian team to ever win the NBA championship. It’s a time when everyone is happy. Families, school kids and everyday folk are heading down to be a part of this. Why wouldn’t you be packing? Unbelievable.

3. Pride

Yesterday was the culmination of Pride Month in Toronto. Estimates of over one million people attended. It’s a far cry from its origins as a relatively small event populated by members of the community and leftist supporters. While parade was as much protest as celebration, by the end of the eighties, the shift had been to the celebration.  Corporations were not sponsors and as its budget increased, pride became increasingly less-political. At one event, where I was attending as a member of a leftist group selling newspapers, organizers told all of the leftists they were not welcome at “their event.” and we were pushed away.  And so it goes.

4. Trump

It’s a strange world where, due to the influence of Tucker Carlson (!), the President of the US doesn’t indiscriminately slaughter potentially hundreds of foreign citizens, but expects kudos for not performing an act which could have embroiled the region in war

5. History point then

And on this day in 1929, timber workers in Australia  were defeated in a six-month strike which led to the imposition of a 48-hour week.






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