Music Notes September 2018: The Best Local Group in the World

September 30, 2018 at 3:22 pm (Uncategorized)

“The best local group in the world” was a line I first heard in connection with British legends Dr. Feelgood. I don’t know if any of these days would relish the title (and I really mean it as a compliment), but here goes…

1 The Dirty Nil 

From Hamilton, the Dirty Nil has two albums and a bunch of singles, and they make an unholy noise on them. Recently moved up on my “must see” list (Opera House, December)

2. The Pack A.D.

Garage rock from Vancouver, but much more. Your favourite songs on the new album Doll’s House will likely be the quiet ones.

3. CatL

For a long time, my favourite Toronto band. Their fifth album Bide My Time until I Die is out now. Stunningly impressive punk-blues duo.

4. Moscow Apartment

Indie-folk from Toronto (the set opening for Dream Wife was a bit punkier than their EP though) The other great thing was that after the set, the band had to leave as they were too young to be at the Hard Luck Bar!.

5 Surfrajettes

I’m still a sucker for surf music instrumentals. Have a listen on Bandcamp to “Party Line” and a clever cover of Brittany Spears’ “toxic.”

6.  Kiwi Jr

Not from New Zealand, but copping that classic alt-pop NZ sound – they did a Clean cover when I saw them this summer.

7.  Metz 

I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve never seen Metz live, but oh the churning noise on the albums.

8. Weak Hands 

Local punks. Saw them open for Shilpa Ray this year. Taking a break now, but will be back later.

9. Christian D and the Sinners 

I’m a recent convert to this band. Looking forward to seeing them live on October 19 at Cherry Colas.

10. The Palominos

OK, Full disclosure, friends of mine. But that doesn’t make them any less wonderful. Drawing from a lot of classic rock n roll sounds and making something new. Great band live.


I’m sure there’s loads of unsung heroes I’ve forgotten, but it’s always good to support local things.


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