The New Socialists (According to the New York Times that is) )

August 31, 2018 at 12:09 pm (Uncategorized)

I live in Canada. Canada’s party of socialism (sorry, Communist Party of Canada) is the New Democratic Party. The NDP has been around for over half a century, and has never been a very radical organization. It’s peddled the same wishy-washy “capitalism  doesn’t have to be this way” mixture of warmed-over Keynesianism and social justice issues with some success. It’s never been a serious contender at the federal level, it has formed governments at the provincial level in six of Canada’s ten prvinces. While in power, it rolled out the same old program of managing capitalism, just as it promised it would.

And yet, the NDP still seem a great deal more radical than the Democratic Socialists of America. So, it was with interest I came across this article in Sunday’s New York Times which has a significant article on the front page of the Review section on contemporary socialism in the United States entitled “The New Socialists. “

It’s an interesting article, although its most telling line is the observation that the DSA is still deeply buried in the “second most enthusiastic capitalist party.”  (Paul Krugman also has a column to reassure people, this isn’t really anything to worry about) . So until that break is made, and by break, I mean with the value system, this mini-revolt isn’t really going to go too far.


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    […] The New Socialists (According to the New York Times that is) ) […]

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