Music Notes: March 2018

March 31, 2018 at 8:23 pm (Uncategorized)

A few things to listen to.

1 Echo and the Bunnymen – Heaven up Here

The second album from the Bunnymen doesn’t quite scale the heights of Crocodiles, but it’s a worthy moody post-punk followup.

2. A Tribe Called Red – We are the Halluci Nation

It’s not entirely my thing, but it’s definitely worth a listen – mixing electronica, beats and aboriginal identity to produce something rather unique.

3. The New Musical Express

A few weeks back, the NME discontinued its print edition. I read the paper every week between September 1978 and July 1981, when I moved to Canada and the cost became prohibitive. My readership coincided with my initial interest in music, and it was like an step into another world. The NME continues online.

4. Waxahatchee – Out in the Storm

Honestly, Waxahatchee is one of my favourite bands. Saw them last year at Lee’s and will be heading to the Opera House next month to see the show with Hurray for the Riff Raff. This is another brilliant album.

5. The Kills – “List of Demands”

I find Kills records growers: Initial disappointment, followed by growing admiration. Getting there.

6.  Jack White – “Over and Over and Over”

OK, I like this better than the previous single, but generally feel the same way about Jack White as I do about new Kills recordings.


7.  Gavin Butt et al  – Post-Punk: Then and Now 

Interesting collection of interviews, essays and transcripts on what is exactly is post-punk.

8. Gwenno – Le Kov

A valid reason to own this would be it’s a unique item: Cornish psychedelic pop. A better reason is that it’s absolutely great.

9.  v/a – Sonic Truth (Uncut Magazine sampler) 

Certainly not for everyone (not me for all of it), but it does include the Fall, My Bloody Valentine, Husker Du, Cabaret Voltaire, and a fairly polarizing Yoko Ono cut.

10. v/a – Ultra Lounge

Remember a few years back when lounge music was poised to conquer the world? No? OK, well this is a pleasant reminder. Featuring Julie London, Mel Torme, Louis Prima, and many more. The perfect soundtrack to your pre-summer cocktail soiree.

Till next time.

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Fake News! Fake News!

March 31, 2018 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)


From, where else, twitter.

 Donald J. Trump‏ Mar 26

Is it just me or is Trump using the term “fake news” with less and less focus?  Was the above about Stormy Daniels or something else?  While I’m pretty sure Bob Geldof  wasn’t a clairvoyant when he wrote this song in 1978, he seems to grasp Trump’s press paranoia quite nicely.


The Boomtown Rats “Don’t Believe What you read ” (A Tonic for the Troops 1978)

As soon as I wake up every day,
I look at the papers to see what they say,
I know most what I read will be a lot of lies,
But then you learn really fast to read between the lines,
‘Cos I know (he knows)
What I read ain’t true
I know (he knows)
And I’m telling you

 I know (he knows)
If they say it’s red, it’s blue
Don’t believe what you read,
Do you believe what you read?
No, I don’t believe what I read.

Never put it down in writing the old man said
I didn’t know then but now I know what he meant
And if you’re wondering why your letters never get a reply,
It’s just when you tell me that you love me I need to see…your eyes.
‘Cos I know
What I read ain’t true
I know
And I’m telling you
I know
If they say it’s one, it’s two
Don’t believe what you read,
Do you believe what you read?
No, I don’t believe what I read.

And if you pick up a book and you’re starting to read it,
I’ll tell you what you’d better do,
You can read it till the end and even if you believe it,
That doesn’t mean to say it’s true…

Don’t believe what you read.


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Frightened Rabbit 2018

March 3, 2018 at 11:10 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s a funny thing. Usually when I like a band, I buy their music and so often end up with more albums than times I’ve seen them live. . Frightened Rabbit, I’ve seen five times in the last six years, but only own one album (Pedestrian Verse). Consequently, it takes me a little bit of time before I recognize a song when they start up.

I saw them at the Danforth Music Hall last year, and initially hesitated before buying a ticket. Still, it was the Mod Club, the first place I saw the band and a great venue, so I eventually made the right decision. It was pouring with rain when we arrives, and we were asked for ID by a guy on the door who was half our age, btu once we were inside, we began to feel better. Oddly enough there was almost nothing at the merch table except for tote bags, some stickers and t-shirts. Hmm. But soon after the band were there and it didn’t matter.

Probably my favourite line in a Frighten Rabbit song is a reference to a “knight in shitty armour.” It just cracks me up. There’s an ironic juxtaposition about a band that so obviously loves what it’as doing and playing live, and the miserableness of the words.  It’s always a great show, a fact I occasionally forget before I’m in front of the band.

They’ll likely be back next year,. I’ll hesitate, buy a ticket and then wonder why I waited.


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