Music Notes January 2018

January 31, 2018 at 11:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Ooh, that went quickly. 

1  Hurrah for the Riff-Raff – Navigator

I was super-excited to see Alynda Segarra’s band in Toronto last summer, but unfortunately vacation plans meant otherwise. This album is both a compensation piece, and a bitter reminder that I missed an excellent show.

2. catl – “Baby you all wrong”

Mmmm. Greasy delicious Toronto blues-rock.

3. Richard Hell and the Voidoids – Blank Generation

Has it really been forty years since this album came out? Apparently, because now it’s a deluxe album containing alternative versions, live stuff and a nice booklet. The collection is nice, but the original piece was pretty cool to start with.

4. Iggy Pop –  Post -Pop Depression: Live at the Royal Album Hall

I think it would be hard to disagree with the conclusion that Iggy’s last album, Post-Pop Depression was one of his best in a long time. This live recording also makes the case. Plenty of songs from that record along with classic Pop material, and it fits together pretty well. Purists might complain about the lack of Stooges tunes, but who cares? Great record. Comes with a DVD of the performance that I haven’t seen it.

5.  Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry –  “Did you Evah?”

Well, why not? My favourite part is Ig and Deb in the liquor store as Ig breaks the fourth wall. Swellegant indeed.

6. Margo Price – Midwest Farmer’s Daughter 

The first country album released on Third Man Records ought to be some kind of recommendation.  And it is, a country album that goes beyond the often narrow alt-country genre, but also doesn’t become a kitsch big-hair parody. Solid album.

7.  Jack White – “Connected by Love”

Heard this one a few times now, and while it’s growing on me, I’m not there yet. It feels like White had a bunch of ideas and couldn’t decide which one to go with, so he went with them all. And the video is, uh, odd.

8.  The Nips – “Gabrielle”

Ah, before Shane MacGowan discovered his inner Pogue. But after “Mad” Jane tried to bite off his ear. Fabulous.


9. Bauhaus – In the Flat Field 

Listened to this last week for the first time in decades. Still exudes a cool, creepy weirdness that loads of goth band never came close to achieving. I remember reading Antonin Artard after listening to the band (another album of theirs) Also dug how they didn’t have the hits on this one.

10. Mark E. Smith

The death of Mark E Smith, leader and sole original member of the Fall, closes some kind of era. The first Fall records I bought were the “How I Wrote Elastic Man” single and the live Totale’s  Turns when I was on holiday in some seaside town in England (It was raining I remember). I certainly didn’t follow every twist and turn of the band, and bought records sporadically after that (mostly the early ones), but there’s no getting away from the uniqueness of the band. A felt loss.


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