Music Notes November 2017

November 30, 2017 at 3:02 am (Uncategorized)

Here we go., another video show

1 Cake – “I will Survive ”

Quite a stunningly different version of the old Gloria Gaynor disco hit

2. Peter Perrett – “An Epic Story”

Amazingly, Perrett still sounds like the singer from the Only Ones

3. Dream Syndicate  and John Paul Jones – “How did I find Myself Here?”

The second best comeback album of the year

4. PJ Harvey – “Man-size”

Is this sexy? Is it disturbing.? Is it brilliant?

5. Lonnie Donegan –  “Puttin on the Style”

I’m reading Billy Bragg’s book on skiffle

6. Public Image Limited – “Flowers of Romance”

Nuff said

7.   Spacemen 3 –  “Revolution”

So cool



8. Tracy Ullman  – “They Don’t Know”

Paul McCartney cameo, and it’s Kirsty MacColl hitting the high note in the middle

9. LA Witch – “Get Lost”

Get lost in the garage

10. The Smiths –  “You just Haven’t Earned it yet Baby”

We all feel that way sometimes

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Music Notes October, 2017

November 1, 2017 at 12:38 am (Uncategorized)

I did think about a Halloween themed edition, but I’ll save it till the final item. 

1 Wire – Live at the Roxy / Live at CBGB Theatre 

A 2-CD live Wire collection that gives a fascinating view into Wire’s early days. The Roxy show is from April 77, and the CBGB’s from July of the following year (significantly the latter show has a third fewer songs as the band slowed down)> Keetic, edgy, brilliant.

2. Filthy Friends – Invitation

Punk rock super group with members of Sleeter-Kinney, REM and King Crimson (!) move from playing covers to a real album. And it is a real album. Well worth a listen.

3. The Strypes – “Behind Closed Doors”

The Strypes seem to change with every release. I wasn’t too big of a fan of their second album, but this is a great little pop slice. Looking forward to their Toronto show in March next year.

4. Peter Perrett – How the West Was Won

Lead Only One returns with a quite lovely solo record recalling glory days.

5. Lizzie Goodman – Meet me in the Bathroom

Ordered it from the public library and then forgot to pick it up. Ha! Rock and roll in New York 2001-2011. Worth a peak.

6. the New Musical Express

Did you know the NEW is now free, and you can get an online subscription to it. Not a seminal as it once was, btu a neat look into what’s happening in the UK these days.

7. Hunters and Collectors – “Throw your Arms Around Me” 

I read recently that PETA Australia had written to the band asking they change theri name to Hunter and Collectors of Antiques because there name might inspire fans to hunt ducks. The band declined. Here’s their greatest song.

8. Joe Strummer – Streetcore

Listened to this the other day after a long absence and remembered what a loss Joe’s passing was. The album contains one of the greatest Clash songs Joe wrote “Coma Girl” (too bad the band never played it), and a quite unnecessary, but nevertheless lovely version of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.”

9. An anecdote Henry Rollins told George Strombopolous. Rollins and Joe Strummer went to see Johnny Cash. After the show they went backstage to meet Cash. Rollins was elated. They meet the man in black, and Strummer tells Cash he sent him a song. Cash replies that he honestly can’t remember, and asks Strummer to sing it for him. Which he does. Rollins is seized with the thought he is going to die: He’s with Joe Strummer from the Clash who is singing a song to Johnny Cash. Surely this is too much for any person.

10. The Dream Syndicate – “Halloween”

From their outstanding debut. Menacing feedback laced guitars and Steve Wynn’s dreamy bored Lou Reed styling. Still captivating after three decades


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