Music Notes March 2017

March 30, 2017 at 5:32 pm (Uncategorized)


1 Slaves – Take Control

I’ll say again, I don’t really like the name of the band, but the record sounds great. Melodic punk with just, for the most part, drums and guitar. Mike D of the Beastie Boys helps out and is name checked on one of the album’s weaker cuts. Great live band too.

2 The Bangles – Greatest Hits 

Yeah, I know, a crappy greatest hits package is the laziest way to approach a band, but I just had a yen to hear some of their tunes in one collection. Great early stuff which fades over the course of their career. For those with eighties nostalgia.

3 The XX – “I Dare You”

I know I mentioned the album previously, but for a week this month, this was my absolute favourite song.

4 Boss Hog – “Live at KEXP”

New album, new tour.

5 Ron Gallo – Heavy Meta

C’mon, worth a listen if just for the pun. Great Nashville punk sound.

6. Angelic Upstarts- Teenage Warning. 

First there was Sham. Then the Upstarts. And after the Cockney Rejects. The Angelic Upstarts wee the link between the old Sham style punk and Oi! Fiercely anti-racist, fiercely anti-police, and with a pretty fierce sound. Brilliant.

7. Wu-Tang Clan – Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) 

True confessions time. Wu-Tang was a group that largely passed by me. Sure, I’d heard of them, but I couldn’t name a song or a record if my life depended upon it. Live and learn. A lot of their stuff (and one of their members) showed up on Netflix’s Luke Cage. Here we are. And it’s pretty good (yeah, twenty years late). Intricate sampling and cleverly put together stuff. I stand corrected.

8. Dirty Projectors – Bitte Orca

Another band that largely escaped my notice, but a series of profiles in places like the New York Times led me to give this a listen. It’s intellectual pop. Not something to grab you on the first listen, but something that’s absorbed over time. But when it is…

9  Louder Tan War

I usually read Mojo and often pick up Uncut, but I’ve noticed Louder Than War on the newsstands recently. Founded in 2015, the website now magazine has pretty good stuff from the punkier side of the street, but at nearly $15 Canadian, it’s a little pricey (true the others I read are the same price, but there’s a free CD with them). Anyway, something to watch.

10. Chuck Berry

I know I did a Chuck Berry piece earlier this month. But are you really complaining?


Next month, Jesus and Mary Chain and the new Boss Hog seem likely for inclusion. And I’ll be seeing the Sleaford Mods, P.J. Harvey and Sallie Ford. April is looking good.


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