Music Notes December 2016

December 26, 2016 at 10:49 pm (Uncategorized)

The final notes of the year,a little early. Here goes.

1 Various artists – Sharon Signs to Cherry Red

A magnificent 2 CD set of indie pop, but that’s way too much of an understatement. Over fifty tracks of obscure, often amateurish female singers and bands, and no less wonderful for it. Punk, country, sixties pop. If your grandma gives you some cash for Christmas, use it on this.

2. The Oxford American Music Issue

and if you’ve money left over, this should be your other purchase. A magazine of music writing and  a really terrific CD to go along with it.

3. Cate Le Bon – Crab Day

Poppy, but weird. I know that’s not much if an insight, but Le Bon is a singular talent that’s best appreciated by experiencing rather than reading what I could say about her.

4. Valerie June – “Astral Plane”

New track from Ms. June. New album in the new year, and she’s coming to Toronto in February. Hear it on SoundCloud.

5. PJ Harvey at Massey Hall

I almost missed out on this one. Ms. Harvey will play Massey Hall in April. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this show.

6. Lydia Loveless

Saw her at the Adelaide Hall in November, and I never did write a proper review. Loveless did a solo acoustic set of her own stuff with a few choice covers (Elvis Costello, Justin Bieber) thrown in. An intimate country roots atmosphere. One to watch.

7. Brian Eno – Here Cine The Warm Jets

Eno’s first post Roxy Music album sounds a lot like…Roxy Music. Not entirely surprising as apart from Bryan Ferry, the while band play on it. Still, the more experimental stuff creeps in too. Well worrying seeking out.

8. The Velvet Underground – loaded

Listen to the fully loaded edition on a recent drive to my parents. It seems inconceivable that three years earlier this band made White Light White Heat. Not to diss Loaded but just to note. Still Loaded is a great rock n roll record and you can see why the band broke up when it wasn’t a hit

9. John Critchley – crooked mile

Critchley was the singer and songwriter in 13 Engines a brilliant Toronto band. I believe this was his only solo release. The first half is also brilliant pop rock. Well worth a listen

10. The grim reaper refuses to slow down

In a year where we lost Bowie, Prince and Leonard Cohen, you’d think that would be enough. Rick Parfitt of Status Quo and yesterday George Michael. Who was the wag who wrote about the only good thing  to happen this year was that Keith Richards didn’t die?

Back in a couple of days with some other stuff from the year in review.





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