Halloween 2016

October 31, 2016 at 11:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Just finished carving the pumpkins and hanging the fake spider-web outside the house for Halloween. My mad scientist costume for work still needs a little fine tuning, but I’m getting there. I love Halloween. Still, there’s a couple of things…

My kids attend Toronto District School Board high schools, and while my kids don’t go trick-or-treating anymore, they do bring out the costumes for school. But if you read the Board’s home page, there’s an article on “Hallowe’en” which documents a sixth grader’s observation that while costume shopping he noticed culturally insensitive costumes. No kidding.

the Boy and I went to one of those pop-up Halloween stores last wek looking for a lab coat for his mad scientist costume. “Dad, what’s that smell in here?” he asked as we entede the bulding. “Ah, it’s probably plastic mixed with fear because everyone is keenly aware that if you put an open flame anywhere near this place, it would be engulfed in flames in seconds. And if the flames didn’t kill you, the toxins in the plastic surely would.”

And on we searched. Successfully. As we searched I noted a wig ensemble called “Jamaican Joe.” A Rastafarian hat with fake dreadlocks worn by a white guy. Culturally insensitive? Uh yeah.  At least there weren’t selling blackface gear.

When we found the lab coat, the Boy asked me, “Dad, are all the girls costumes – ”

“Yes, they are.”

Sexy nurse, sexy treasure hunter, sexy goth, sexy teacher, sexy vampire etc (strangely no sexy hooker though). I think the one that wigged him out the most was “sexy nun.” I really wanted to say, well some of them have bad habits, but I restrained myself. I’m not sure what any of this has to do with Halloween.

Still, the plan is after the kids have stopped coming for candy, I’m going to  watch The Exorcist. I read the book when I was younger, and even though I was an atheist then, I was still too scared to see the film.

Happy Halloween



  1. tomasronse said,

    I didn’t get:

    When we found the lab coat, the Boy asked me, “Dad, are all the girls costumes – “

    • fischerzed said,

      Oh, just me being a smart arse. I guessed that the boy was going to make an observation/ask a question about the overly sexualized nature of Halloween costumes, and interupted. I guessed right

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