Music Notes: October 2016

October 30, 2016 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized)

And here we go…

1 Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

OK, let’s say that again. Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize. A couple of things to unpack here. First of all, all award, although they pretend to be objective are more or less subjective. The Nobel Prize Committee may have a higher standing that say, the Golden Globes, but still… Having said that, I love Dylan;s early work: up to Nashville Skyline, he’s untouchable. After that, less so. Chronicles is fantastic, but Tarantula, try it for yourself. Still, a great honour for a man who undoubtedly changed writing (or songwriting). Dylan, of course, said nothing for over two weeks before he acknowledged the award.

2. Prophets of Rage – The Party’s Over EP

OK, shake your fist in the air and pretend it’s 1993 again! Three-quarters of Rage Against the Machine, Chuck D and his DJ, and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Yeah, it’s fun, especially the reworking of the Beasties’ “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” and Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power.”

3. Cypress Hill – Essential

So after listening to Prophets, I dug back into the Cypress Hill file. The Essentials comps are usually interesting as the meaning of Essentials varies quite a bit. While there’s a few things of interest here on this 2 CD set, you’d really be better off sticking to the first two Hill records; the self-titled and Black Sunday.

4. Bob Mould – Patch the Sky

I’ve followed Bob Mould’s career intermittently. I like late-period Husker Du, didn’t bother with the solo stuff, back again with Sugar and then not much after. This latest record is more melodic punk. Makes me thing I should go to check out more of the solo records.

5. Son House – The Original Delta Blues

Yeah, I know that “Monster Mash” is the Halloween song, but if you want to be scared, it’s “John the Revelator” you need to hear. THere’s a couple of good Son House comps around. This is one of them. A blues legend.

6. Various artists – The Girls Want the Boys: Sweden’s Beat Girls 1964-1970

OK, I haven’t listened to this yet, but it’s going to the top of the list to seek out. Agnetha Fältskog has a pre-ABBA track on this. What’s not to want?

7. Various artists – Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

I came across this by accident at my local public library. A musical by John Mellancamp later released as a CD featuring Elvis Costello, the Alvin Brothers, Taj Mahal, T Bone Burnett, Neko Case and more. Southern Gothic on record.

8. Green on Red – No Free Lunch

And speaking of Southern Gothic, Green on Red were part of the paisley underground, but who went into a weird country-roots format. This is my favourite of their albums. “No Free Lunch” and “Time ain’t Nothing” being the standouts, but the whole thing is pretty good.

9. The Everly Brothers- “Dream”

Driving yesterday, I was listening to a 50s comp in the car. “Dream” came on. Once upon a few time, it was one of the few songs I could play on guitar (it’s only a couple of chords, until the bridge, which I never really mastered). I listened to it three times. It’s so beautiful. Then it struck me, this isn’t a song about heroin is it?

10. Mojo Lou Reed tribute

And just a quick mention for this one. The latest issue of Mojo has a free Lou Reed CD which picks from some of the lesser known and less obvious cuts in Lou’s career. Hey, it’s likely the only time you’ll want to listen to Metal Machine Music.

Till next time.


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