Hinds Rock the Adelaide Hall

October 30, 2016 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m getting too old for this. No, not too old to go to see a band on a school night; not too old to stay right until the very end (C’mon – you’ve made the decision to go out, you might as well see the whole show). No, I’m too old to see the whole show. I usually try to get there just before the main band comes on. I’ve lost the patience to sit (or worse stand) through opening bands, I’ve never heard of and will likely never again. Of course, there’s  the inherent danger that I will lose bragging rights should they actually become famous(“Oh yeah, I saw the Wardrobes when they opened for Jackie O’s Hat at the Horseshoe in 2008” – upcoming musicians, I give you freedom to steal those names) , but it’s a risk I’m prepared to take.

As it happened, I arrived at the Adelaide Hall 15 minutes before Spanish garage-rockers Hinds took the stage. I can’t help but note every time I go to the Adelaide Hall what a risk I’m taking. The club is in the basement, and it always strikes me that in the event of an emergency, I would likely die down there. Every time I go, I scan for emergency exits, but no luck so far. “He gave his life for rock n roll,” my tombstone will read.  But, nothing happened, and I live to rock again.

Hinds are from Madrid, and I believe this was their first appearance in Canada. I’d streamed a few tracks from their early singles, and they seemed to be that lovable  garage sound which is so entertaining on first releases. Two songs into their set though, I began to wonder if I’d come to see a different Hinds. They were funky pop stars albeit still with a gloriously amateurish over-wash. The band was delightful, and the audience responded appropriately. Then, halfway through their set, the band became the band I had expected, a sort of ramshackle Spanish version of Thee Headcoatees (especially appropriator was their last song cover of the band’s “Davy Crockett”). And we loved them even more. A short set, but when you only have one album, what can you expect?

Great show. Even with the possibility of death. I’m going back to the Adelaide Hall November 5 (ominously Guy Fawkes night for Lydia Loveless)


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