Allah-Las: A Very brief Review

October 1, 2016 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

The Allah-Las are from Los Angeles. And it’s a California sound, albeit filtered through the sensibilities of Nuggets and the third Velvet Underground album.

I arrived late at their Lee’s Palace show last week after a fairly nightmarish drive, just in time to catch the last song of the opening act. Lee’s was packed, and an already hot night was hotter still within the venue. The only respite was when people exited to smoke on the sidewalk.

The Allah-Las came on stage around 10:30. The band didn’t really present a lot of frills. No real stage moves, minimal conversation with the audience, just concentrating on the sound. And pretty good it was. It’s often a cliché to say all of a band’s songs sound the same, but for the Allah-Las, it’s kind of true. Some fast, some slow, but all with a slightly psychedelic garage flavour over-laden with a Velvets drone.  I quite forgot how hot it was.

Hot night; hot band; good show.


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