I Wish I Had a Speechwriter

July 29, 2016 at 4:22 pm (Uncategorized)

You know when you come out with a line, and then you have to hang about waiting to use it?

Last year, when Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked why he had so many women in his cabinet, he answered without missing a beat: “Because it’s 2015.” Now, I don’t know whether he had that line in his head or it came to him on the spot, but it was very effective. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone writing lines for you?

Now Trump clearly doesn’t, which is he just says whatever drivel is peculating in his head, and why he makes for great copy. But pandering to racists isn’t what I’m suggesting here.

The person who thought up “All lies matter” as a response to the All Lives Matter crowd was also very sharp. But my current favourite is from another Canadian politician, Kathleen Wynn. Wynn is Ontario’s first women premier and Ontario’s first gay premier, and has pretty well defied all political expectations – everyone expected her government to be drowned by the tsunami of scandals the previous Liberal leader left her with, but she increased Liberal support and won a majority.  Anyway, this is starting to sound like a plug for Canada’s Liberals – it’s isn’t but I do know a good line when I hear it.  Wynn was asked why she hadn’t gotten on board with the All Lives Matter rhetoric. She replied to say that was like saying we need a parade for straight people.

It’s a good line.


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