A.N.O.K. IN T.O. 2016

July 29, 2016 at 4:08 pm (Uncategorized)

And if you’re hearing about this now, you just missed the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair for 2016. It was last weekend.

This was the seventh annual summer bookfair, and often it seems like a wonder if there will be another one. I’ve tabled at a number of bookfairs in Toronto over the years, and the collectives always seem different. The current one though has been in existence for a few years, and it seems to be a little more solid than those in the past. In any event. this year’s bookfair came off with nary a hitch (OK, a couple of small ones…)

Talking to people, it seemed that everyone’s sales were down and fewer people came out. My sales were down from last year, even though I tabled both days.  Oddly enough my sales are usually better in Montreal even though I don’t speak French and rarely have French materials. Go figure.

I gave a talk on geography, a subject I’ve become interested in over the last year. Last year, I gave a talk last year about literature, which was sparsely attended but this year 25 people came out to hear me. I talked a little about the importance of geography and then we chatted about cities for ninety minutes (there was a small digression into social media at the end, but no biggie).

Overall, a good weekend.


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