The Museum of Steam

July 9, 2016 at 10:29 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve written before about my enjoyment of steampunk. In fact, there’s a volume of Canadian steampunk stories waiting for me at the public library right now. So then it made sense to make a trip to Hamilton (about 45 minutes from Toronto) to see the Museum of Steam and Technology.(All of my wife’s friends at work thought I was a huge nerd for wanting to go)

The museum is actually a 150 year old waterworks which contains two 70-ton steam engines, and is pretty impressive. There is a guided tour (which added a lot for me), and some pretty cool steam related material. The tour guide insisted that it was a good place to work and that the management of the day treated workers fairly and without prejudice (have to check that one…) and while people did occasionally lose fingers, things were just dandy.  Whether or not you accept this, the tour was pretty cool and very informative. And although my kids disagreed, it is worth driving to Hamilton to see it.

And if you’re interested in other steampunk stuff, you could check out the Great Canadian Steampunk Exposition


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