Music Notes: May 2016

May 31, 2016 at 6:25 pm (Uncategorized)

And here we go…

  1. Gang of Four – What Happens Next?
    Two questions then. First, with only one original member, is this really a Gang of Four record or an Andy Gill solo set? Second, is it any good? I’m not certain about the first (although I lean toward solo album), but is it any good? Well, it’s got certain Gill-isms, the slashing guitar, the atonal noises, so it’s listenable, but overall, it’s only fair. And of course it pales when compared.
  2. The Black Keys –Attack and Release
    Early BK release. A little rougher , a little looser than later releases. Still great though.
  3. Marlene Marder
    Marder was a founding member of Swiss band Kleenex (until they were forced to change the name to LiLiPUT) from 1977 until the split in 1983. Dada punk. It should be impossible to listen to the records and not smile, or be stunned by “Eisiger Wind.” Marder passed away on May 15.
  4. New Order -Music Complete
    If you’ve heard “Restless” the opening song on this album, you’ll feel a wave of nostalgia. Classic New Order dance-pop. The rest of the record does not disappoint.
  5. “Dream Baby Dream”
    I was at a dance performance at my daughter’s school last week, and this song announced the start of the show. They played Bruce Springsteen’s version, but the original by New York pioneers Suicide is amazing too. My favourite though the version by Neneh Cherry and the Thing.
  6. Various artists Why are the Mountains Black?
    Now here’s a thing. Released on Jack White’s label, it’s a two-disc collection of Greek folk music from the first half of the 20th century. I’ve only heard a fraction of it, but it’s pretty cool stuff. Not for every one (I’m not sure if it’s for me even), but certainly worth a listen.
  7. Mojo
    Last week in a conversation at work, I mentioned I didn’t like Pink Floyd (well, post-Barrett). The person I was speaking too reported the conversation, and my own choices were criticized, Cool. It’s good to disagree. But here’s the May issue of Mojo with a big story on Syd Barrett and a free CD of (so-far) amazing psyche sounds. That should please everyone.
  8. David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the spiders from Mars
    Road trip to Montreal last weekend for the anarchist bookfair (report to follow soon), but I listened to this on the way. Bowie’s been gone for just a few months, but it’s easy to forget just how important a talent he was. This album. Sensational. And like the very best things, it sounds better every time.
  9. “Which rock Star will historians of the future Remember?”
    One of the things I missed this weekend because of the book fair was reading the New York Times on Sunday morning. this week’s magazine has the above article by Chuck Khlosterman. Looks pretty interest. Be sure to expect angry letters disagreeing with his opinions.
  10. Gord Downie
    The news that the singer with the Tragically Hip has terminal brain cancer was a moment for many of a certain age. Downie is a few months older than me and I remember buying the first Hip record. My wife and I went to see them on New Year’s eve at the Horseshoe Tavern some decades ago, and while i didn’t think they were great. It was a solid show. I wouldn’t say I was a fan though I did like the occasional song of later work. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but be struck by the fact that this was the topic of conversation the next day at work. The play one final Canadian only tour. Somehow fitting .



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