Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – A Long Overdue Review

April 23, 2016 at 12:11 pm (Uncategorized)

Ah, two things.

One, the last fortnight has been busy for me. No, seriously. Really busy. There have been a couple of major projects that needed to be finished, and another one is due this weekend. But if I don’t get some of these reviews done, I’ll never finish them.

Two, I really like the Adelaide Hall.  I’ve been twice now to this little club off of Adelaide Street on the east side  of the entertainment district. The place holds maybe 250, but the sight lines are great and the sound is good too. The only trouble is that it’s underground. Literally. Two small flights of stairs mean that in the event of a fire or something, we’re unlikely to make it out – yes, I know there are fire exits listed downstairs, but since I’ve never used them, I can’t be certain they lead anywhere. Fingers crossed.

So, with that in mind, to Thao. I almost missed the show. I had it in my note book that the show was the following weekend, but fortunately noticed the night before that it was the 9th not the 16th. And it was an early show although as I got there the line was just starting to move half an hour past the advertised opening time.

Opening band was Little Scream, the project of Iowa-born, Montreal- based musician Laurel Sprengelmeyer.  The crowd certainly liked her, but her 70s pop-rock style left me kind of cold. I may have been distracted by the sparkly shirt  she was wearing, but while the band  seemed into what they were doing, it lacked that symbiosis that makes for an unforgettable show.

Thao and her band, on the other hand, had none of that difficulty. I’d seen her play at Lee’s a couple of years back on the recommendation of a friend and wasn’t disappointed. At the tie of the show I hadn’t listened to her new album and initially was planning to go to the show this time. but the enormously positive review convinced me. And it was worth it, Thao’s brand of funky-folk is instantly appealing. You’re not always sure if you want to just bop your head along with the beat or full out burst into dancing, but it’s impossible not to be drawn into the music.

Not bad for an early show.




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