There were Savages in Toronto this Week

April 10, 2016 at 9:03 pm (Uncategorized)

OK, the Danforth Music Hall is one of the great venues in the city. Sure, if I have a choice, my preference would be the Horseshoe or Lee’s Palace, but the Music Hall has great sound and it’s always possible to find a good spot to see.

A few nights back, I went down to see post-punk band Savages at the Music Hall. I’d bought both of their albums, but was wondering if I wanted to spend $30 to see them. The appearance on Colbert made me put down cash for the show. Good call.

I got to the venue half way through Brooklyn-based Angus Tarnawsky’s set. Imagine a guy DJ-ing, but creating an experimental electronic wall of sound and beats. Not the kind of thing I want to listen to every day, but it had a hypnotic effect. Quite compelling. Hey, maybe I should listen everyday.

Savages came on about 9:15. Four women. Dressed in black. A light show that projected shadows onto the walls. Post-punk. Intense. Three members of the band barely moved, but singer Jehnny Beth never stopped. I had read that Savages live show was much more intense that their studio recordings, and it was true. There was a passion, a raw emotion that thus far has escaped the recordings (although it comes closer on Adore Life than Silence Yourself). I was a little disappointed that the band didn’t play their cover of Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream,” but I still left pretty pleased with the experience.


I Am Here
Sad Person
City’s Full
Slowing Down the World
Shut Up
She Will
When In Love
I Need Something New
The Answer
Hit Me
No Face



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