Russell Smith on Punk’s Fortieth

March 28, 2016 at 10:09 pm (Uncategorized)

As a child of ’76, er, 77,  I’ll admit, I’m buying into the nostalgia for punk’s fortieth anniversary, but of course I have mixed feelings.  It was both a tremendous musical moment and it was the first experience I had with music, so I’m naturally drawn to the various accounts of those days of year zero; however, the commodification of the period, the re-packaging, the neutering, makes me sad for an art form that I loved (love?) .

On Saturday, my wife was reading the paper, and asked if I had read the piece by Russell Smith on punk’s fortieth. I hadn’t, but when I did my reaction was…huh? Read it for yourself because I still haven’t any idea what point he’s trying to make. Maybe that you ought to start a piece a little earlier before a deadline if you want it make to make sense. But Russell, and I do like your work normally, casually dropping references to the Situationists into your work is sooo old now.

Here’s the link to the article.



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