A Toronto Comicon 2016 Kind of Weekend

March 20, 2016 at 10:34 pm (Uncategorized)

So the Boy and I went to Toronto Comicon on the Saturday this year. We’ve been going to Fan Expo for the last five years or so as a multi-day event, but Comicon is usually a one-day affair. for one thing, it’s smaller, and it’s also the end of the March Break so the boy usually has work to finish. This time, he didn’t want to go on the Sunday (which is really quiet).

It was busier. Even though we got there before opening, there were probably 1500 people ahead of us in line. Still, the line moved quickly. I’m always slightly amazed how well-behaved people are at these things – very little ill-will, and when people do bang into me, I invariably get an apology.

Went to a panel with the stars of Killjoys, an SF series about galactic bounty hunters.  One of the hosts, Morgan Hoffman had just returned from LA where she had interviewed the cast of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. While she wouldn’t give any spoilers, she did say two words: Wonder Woman. THe panel was as interesting as these things go (hey, did you know Hannah who plays Dutch was in Star Wars?).

Then it was a skip through the floor show to pick up a few things. I’m looking for te Jack Kirby Fourth world series, but alas no luck (and I’ve pretty much abandoned any hope of seeing a lyin’ cat t-shirt), but I did get a Dr. Who tie from some nice people from Hamilton, and there were some cool science shirts from Antimatterwhich I will own one day. I did get the Pitiful Human Lizard book from Jason Loo about a superhero set in Toronto. Very good. And that was that. Short and sweet.

Oh, and in that same SF/Super hero vein, I saw Deadpool today. I’ll leave aside the fact that the story is nothing special – origin story +  plus revenge thriller + big fight at the end. But that’s not why people go to see the merc-with-a-mouth’s story; it’s a very funny, though very violent story with lots of clever Easter eggs for the fans (check out the street names for example). And of course, it’s got Morena Bacerin.

Hey, now it’s only two months to the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.


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