Out on Your Own

March 15, 2016 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized)

The Manchester band took their name from a Glasgow housing project and their politics from the Revolutionary Communist Party (or was it the Revolutionary Communist Tendency, I forget) . One great album Contenders and one awful one Waiting for the Red Bird.

Always loved this song: Out on Your Own

Here comes a union leader with a brand new deal
To save the industry-talking profitability
Profitability –
What does that mean to me?
Whether a profit or a loss
I’m just working for the boss
Its only foolishness to speak your master’s words
The fool must be put down
The whole thing must be turned around
You’re out on your own

A Labour Party man comes knocking on my door
Around election time once more he’s counting on my loyal support
There’s changes needed he agrees
And there I have his sympathy
But we must think of unity
To get the party on it’s feet
What did his party ever do for me?
If it should sink without a trace
I won’t lose a moment’s sleep
You’re out on your own

Where is the man who’s speaking up for me?
‘Community leaders’ want more black shop keepers
The unions a say in the jobs sold away
And I’m told that my home’s in a nuclear free zone
But that ain’t much help when there’s bills to be paid
‘Police accountability’; ‘Non-nuclear defence strategy’
This foolish ideology has made the fight a mockery!
I ask for nothing only that I should be heard
I know your history and that gives me authority


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