December 30, 2015 at 1:01 am (Uncategorized)

C’mon, admit it. We all thought that Lemmy would live forever. The man who took too many drugs for Hawkwind. The man who spent 35 years in the loudest band in the world. But sadly, the Motorhead madman lost his battle with cancer.

I saw Motorhead twice at the Oxford New Theatre. On the Bomber tour in 1979, and then on the Ace of Spades tour the following year. My ears were ringing the next day as I proudly wore my Motorhead sweat shirt to school. Someone once told that three out of the four songs on the Golden Years E.P. were recorded at the Oxford show in 1979. I’ve looked into this, but have never found any proof either way. It would be cool though. After the 1980 show, my friends and I waited patiently at the stage door to meet the band. I still have the signed programme from the show. A treasured memento.

As a kid, I was into punk. But Motorhead were a metal band who were harder and faster than many of the punk bands. They had more in common with the punks, than the likes of Judas Priest and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

Wasn’t it Lemmy who once said, if Motorhead moved in next door, your lawn would die? I don’t believe in God. Neither did he. But it would have been cool to see where Lemmy would land.

Now, go and play those records, LOUD

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