Music Notes October 2015

October 28, 2015 at 11:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Here’s the stuff…

1 V/a – Punk 45: Sick on You

Like most comps, 50% of the tracks are OK, 25 % are unlistenable and 25% are essential. This pre-punk 45s collection is about that. Listen in for Crime’s “Hot Wire My Heart” (later covered by Sonic Youth) and a track by Death among many tasty treats.

2. Adele – “Hello”

Apparently this is getting more hits on You Tube than the Star Wars trailer. Not immediate, but it’s richness sinks in after a few listens. A piano ballad that eventually pulls you in and refuses to let go.

3. Tanita Tikarum – Ancient Heart

Found this at the bottom of a pile of CDs the other day. Sure, the big song is “Twist in my sobriety” (still sounds great almost three decades later), but the rest of the album has a moody beauty that’s hard to ignore.

4. Lana Del Ray – Honeymoon

There’s a sticker on the new Del Ray record which boasts “her catchiest song ever.” I’m not sure Lana Del Ray fans care about catchiness. After all, it’s that doomed film noir sound that’s so attractive about her work. I do like her “sound” though all the songs sound alike, but my guess is that this is the sort of thing which is liked by people who like this sort of thing.

5. Blues Calendar

If you’re out shopping for early Christmas presents you could do a lot worse than picking up a classic blues calendar which not only features cool blues records on the months, but comes with a CD of sounds from the 1920s. Get it at Soundscapes on College Street.

6. The Velvet Underground – Loaded

I’m sure it will be lovely when the anniversary edition is released. But, again , I complain. How many more times are the Velvets (who’s left now?) going to re-release these records adding a new mix or unreleased versions? My copy of “Fully Loaded” mocks me.

7. Ork Records New York New York

Nice set from the label featuring early and rare stuff by Richard Hell, Alex Chilton, the Feelies, Television, Lester Bangs (!), Cheetah Chrome and much more. 49 tracks and a cool package. Sure these is room in your collection for this.

8. Cibo Matto – Viva La Woman

1996 album featuring two Japanese funksters rapping and creating very cool sounds. Sean Lennon is on the record too. Do you know your chicken?

9. Chrissie Hynde – Reckless: My Life as a Pretender

Mentioned this one last time. Finally got a chance to read it. Hmm. Great story. Not so well told. The Guardian suggested she needed a better editor. True enough. Skip over the early years until she gets to London and the story picks up.

10. Elvis Costello – Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink

Got to admit, I’m pretty excited about Costello’s autobiography. Yes, yes, I’ve been disappointed before by artists I love (see item 9), but hope springs eternal.

Gotta run.



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