People Ain’t no Good – Part 2

September 28, 2015 at 1:51 am (Uncategorized)

Last week, I was driving to work in the fog. It wasn’t terrible, but visibility was reduced. I had my lights on. Many didn’t. I drove more slowly. Many didn’t. As I drew closer to my exit, signs appeared that all lanes on the highway were closed ahead. Luckily, I exited before the jam. The highway didn’t reopen until 4 in the afternoon.  Turned out that there was an accident in the fog. An SUV was crushed between two tractor trailers. Two people died. Poor visibility due to fog.

You’d think that might cause some to pause to reflect upon driving habits.

The following day as I stopped at a red light just before I took the exit for the highway. I glanced at the car next to me. Usually you see people checking their phones or texting (how busy are you, really?). No. The guy was eating what appeared to be a bowl of oatmeal. It was definitely cereal, but I’m assuming oatmeal because the consistence would reduce spillage. Really?

I guess high-speed death doesn’t cause that pause after all./ Wonder why that is? Is it the culture we live in or something about driving that causes us yo perform some high risk activities without thought for ourselves or the others who might be caught up in the consequences of our activities. That will be another post I think.


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