Wal-Mart’s Changing?

August 7, 2015 at 6:24 pm (Uncategorized)

Like a lot of people, I watch the Daily Show. Also like a lot of people, the fact that I have to work in the morning means I don’t watch it when it airs. OK, I watched the final Jon Stewart episode last night, but that was the last one. But I digress.

I usually watch the episode the following day on the I-Pad using the CTV app. The app usually has three commercials per break: One by Chevrolet, one by Wal-Mart, and the third varies.

The Chevy commercials for WI-fi in  the car are kind of interesting. One woman who looks bored out of her head mouths the line, “That’s the dream. Wi-fi in the car” with no enthusiasm whatsoever. C’mon Chevy, there must be some unemployed actors out there.

The Wal-Mart commercial though is interesting too , but for a different reason. A woman pushes a cart through the store when a voice-over announces, “Wal-Mart’s changing” as a display cabinet flips to reveal a butcher section. The ad is for beef.

The display case flips again to reveal the woman’s husband barbequing. The husband is appropriately plaid shirted and bearded. He never turns to face his wife.

“Are they nearly ready?” she asks.

The husband, already eating, grunts in the affirmative.

“Do we need more?”

“Two. No, three more.”  The wife’s expression is quizzical . She looks at her oafish husband with a slightly disappointed expression as if to say, “Oh sweetie.”Then it comes.

“…and I love you.”

The wife’s expression changes to a simpering smile as if to say, “That big lug. He does love me.” Ahh.

What year is it? The woman as shopper, man as barbeque chef (because even though the wife cooks everything else, she can’t be trusted to cook meat?) seems like something out of the 1950s TV. What always stuns me is not that this kind of commercial is aired, but that an advertising agency came up with it as something appropriate.  Wal-Mart is changing? Hmm.

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