Rezillos 2015 – A long Overdue Review

August 7, 2015 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Er, three weeks late this one.

I know, I know. You can’t go home, but I had such fun the last time the Rezillos were in town, I thought it couldn’t hurt.

I walked into Lee’s near the end of the opening band’s set. A punky Ramones-like band who were utterly derivative and utterly adorable. It’s been a while since I heard someone do Cheap Trick’s “Surrender.” Yes, it sounded great.

The Rezillos came on around 10:20, and I couldn’t help but notice that Lee’s was half empty, whereas last time they played (two years back), the venue was full. The band ran through an energetic set of greatest hits, but only four songs of the 14 songs in their set were from their new album Zero. Surely an indication that the band knew its audience.

In the late 70s, the Rezillos were a fantastic thing: Eugene Reynolds as Dan Dare and Fay Fife as a punk rock Mary Quant were the coolest couple. Then you had guitarist Jo Callis who wrote tremendous little songs. But fame was fleeting and the band broke up, leaving only an outstanding debut and a pretty good live album.

The reformed band features three of the originals (not Callis or William Mysterious who died a few years ago), and while they’re not an embarrassment, the result doesn’t seem to have that same magic. I loved the show a couple of years back, but maybe it was because I just really wanted to see them. Who knows?

The 45 minute set ended with an unnecessary cover of “River Deep Mountain High” and that was that. A friend of mine in the audience went to see the band the following evening at This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton and reported it was the same show, but in the smaller venue with a more energetic crowd, it was a better show.

Set list

Can’t Stand my Baby
Bad Guy Reaction
Flying Saucer Attack
(Take me to the) Groovy Room
No. 1 Boy
It Gets Me
Sorry about Tomorrow
Destination Venus
Getting Me Down
Life’s a Bitch
Top of the Pops
(My Baby does) Good Sculptures
Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight


Mystery Action
River Deep Mountain High

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  1. Goodbye 2015 | Notes from Underground said,

    […] Luna, John Cooper Clarke, the Sonics, the Rezillos. Bands I never thought I’d see, but they all played Toronto this year. Now, my usual rule is not to see bands on the revival circuit, but my exception is that if I never saw the band in their prime, I might go. There are reviews for all of these bands on this blog. It’s nice to remember.  (Caveat: I saw the Rezillos a couple of years back, but I had such a good time, I thought I would break my rule and see them as they toured with a new record. Mistake) […]

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