People Ain’t No Good (part 1)

June 10, 2015 at 3:09 pm (Uncategorized)

With apologies to Nick Cave and with some fear that if I keep doing this page, it will never end.

There was a fatal shooting at a barber shop in Scarborough in the east end of Toronto last week. A friend of mine knew both people involved, so I wanted to read up on the details. I came across the Toronto Sun web page on the story, and I foolishly decided to read the comments section. Argh. Probably the most racist comments I’ve seen, erm, since the last time I read the comments section in the Sun.

Is it the Sun’s readers or just this stuff is bubbling beneath the surface all the time and the relative anonymity of the net lets it loose? Neither answer is particularly palatable.


1 Comment

  1. gmacmedia said,

    Screw you, your Limey bastard! Ha ha. I hear you!

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