Music Notes April 2015

April 30, 2015 at 1:35 am (Uncategorized)

A few interesting things for your ears…

1 Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit

Delightful debut from Barnett. A marvellous rambling sing-song collection of observations about love, the modern world, and …well other stuff too. All backed by catchy tunes. Oh, and did I mention, very funny?

2. Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti

This is the first real Zeppelin album I’ve acquired. Sure, I have Mothership and that reunion gig, but never one of the cannon. Somehow, this one seemed irresistible. The double album, the masterpiece. I’m still absorbing it, but Zeppelin is one of those bands, that for me were an acquired taste. And the more I listen, the more I discover. Ah, if you like Zeppelin you already know this and are wondering why it took me so long. Which brings me to…

3. Various artists – Physical Graffiti (Mojo cover-mount CD)

Mojo magazine often does these tribute re-recordings of albums, and I guess their success depends on how you feel about the original record. Did you love the original (I was indifferent to the Rumours collection because I’m indifferent to Fleetwood Mac) and hate the idea of change? (I can see Zep fanatics hating this). Me? I  quite like it. Songhoy Blues cover of “Kashmir” is quite amazing, and I prefer Kitty, Daisy and Lewis’ version of “Boogie with Stu.” Sue me! Free with Mojo’s April issue.

4. Roy Orbison – Mystery girl (Deluxe)

I think I mentioned last month I’m on a bit of a Roy Orbison kick at the moment. Orbison’s last record and it’s aged well. The big hits “You Got It” and “She’s a Mystery to Me” still hold up over two decades later, but the deluxe edition comes with a DVD (OK), but a number of demos. The demos are outstanding. Fragile rough takes; the rawness of them is unbeatable. Like looking into a man’s soul.

5. catL – Soon This Will All Be Gone

Possibly my fave Toronto band. This is their third album and the last with Johnny Larue on drums (Sarah K has filled the gap quite admirably though). If you know catL’s punk-blues formula, you’ll love this. Originals and covers of Hasil Adkins and Leadbelly. Listen loud.

6. Black Belles – s/t

Sure it bares the mark of Mr. White, but the garage rock of the Black Belles stands on its own. It’s not a great record, but tracks like “Howl at the Moon” shine.  (Ouch. Didn’t notice that right away) Main Belle Olivia Jean is now a pretty amazing solo artist.

7. Chris Isaak – Forever Blue

Mmm, possibly my favourite Isaak record. Or maybe Baja Sessions I dunno. Doesn’t matter, there’s not a bad song on either. Yeah, Isaak sticks to his true romance or true broken heart formula; Duane Eddy guitar and Roy Orbison crooning, but hell, it works. “Things Go Wrong” tears me up every time.

8. Gemma Ray – Milk for Your Motors

Anyone that can get Howie Gelb and Alan Vega to appear on their record s and be recommended by Jimmy Page is OK in my book. But don’t let others’ recommendations do it for you, check out this quite stunning record yourself. Twangy guitar, catchy vocals. Great car album.

9. Kitty Daisy and Lewis – Third

The difference between their first and third records is ambition. The first is a great rockabilly type record, but with Third, the band take a huge leap forward musically. Reggae, rock, soul even protest songs. Produced by Mick Jones too.

10. The Sonics – This is the Sonics

Can a buncha old men rock? (see the forthcoming review of the Toronto show). Actually, yes. Now, it’s not “Psycho” and “The Witch,” but what you get is some pretty loud insane garage stuff. In lovely mono.


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