Kitty, Daisy and Lewis at Lee’s

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Retro is a term that raises mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s reactionary since it means the idealized version of the past and the implication things were always better “back then,” but it can also mean having  look for good stuff and bringing it up to date. It’s difficulty to get it right.

The tag has been applied to London mulch-instrumentalist siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis who were in town a little while back to play Lee’s Palace, but never fear. They got it right.

Oddly enough the DJ mix at Lee’s was no less retro: all the sounds of ’77. The Clash, the Damned, Stiff Little Fingers, the Ramones and a lot more golden oldies. Great songs, although they seemed a little off considering what was to come.

Show-opener Gemma Ray has been endorsed by Jimmy Page no less, but it’s easy to see why. Ray stood along on stage save for her guitar and drummer/keyboard player, but she filled the stage with sound. Mixing country, surf and pop Ray performed a compelling set of tunes that sounded, well, both old and new.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis are promoting their third album, The Third, and listening to it after the first, you can hear the progression, both in confidence and sound. The older material is great, but the new stuff just sounds so much bolder.

Sisters Kitty and Daisy took the stage wearing what might have been go-go suits or Jetsons era space suits, while brother Lewis wore a suit (and yeah, they all looked great). Off  to the sides, both parents appeared, with ex-Raincoat and mum Ingrid Weiss playing bass.

The three alternated vocals and instruments throughout the set, while working through the new record and cuts from their earlier two. But, for me, the most interesting thing was how much fun they seemed to be having. It was infectious, and the audience dug it too.

It’s a rare thing when a band can play new stuff, and old, and seem equally at home with other people’s songs too (check out their version of “Boogie with Stu”). Great show.


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    […] Daisy and Lewis. I fell in love with this lot earlier this year and saw the expanded set at a show at Lee’s Palace. The three sibling band was joined on stage by mum and dad who played bass and guitar respectively […]

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