Unintentional Irony -Part 2

February 28, 2015 at 6:36 pm (Uncategorized)

Today is the last day of Freedom to Read Week in Canada. Organizations such as PEN Canada and the Freedom to Read Week committee promote the freedom to read and distribute anti-censorship material. During the week, I went to a talk by a Mexican journalist who was part of PEN’s Writers in Exile programme. He had fled Mexico in 2009 after being told the drug cartels were coming to kill him and his family. Whether or not you buy into the essentially liberal agenda of organizations like PEN, the stories told by journalists, and of other journalists, is a powerful narrative. And in the world today, it’s less novelists like Rushdie who are the victims of censorship and death, that print journalists.

But where would we be, if someone didn’t mark this week with an act of unconscious irony? Avijit Roy, an American blogger living in Dakha was hacked (yes, hacked) to death as he returned from a book fair in the city. He was an atheist and had received death threats for his writing.

Jump over to Iraq where ISIS  spent part of the week destroying ancient artifacts (OK, not books, but give them some time) in Mosul. Couldn’t help but notice in the video posted by ISIS , some of the vandals were wearing cargo pants. Is that even allowed?

And so it goes.

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