Music Notes January 2015

January 31, 2015 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized)

Some good things to hear to take your mind off of the cold weather.

1. Sleaford Mods – Chubbed Up +

How to describe the Sleaford Mods? A rap-electronica  Half Man Half Biscuit with all the bile and more swearing? Maybe. Chubbed Up+ is a singles comp which is definitely worth having. (Originally a download only album, the + was added for the physical release since it contains extra songs)

2. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – “Do the Get Down”

New single from the very wonderful Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. A love letter to New York and a great video

3. Deerhoof – La Isle Bonita

Apparently the album was recorded during an argument about whether it should sound like Joan Jett or Janet Jackson. It’s a mass of sounds ranging from the surrealist garage (“Exit Only”) to more funky numbers like “Paradise Girls.”) Their twelfth release.

4.Abba – Gold

Oh c’mon. Abba is in your DNA. I dare you to listen to any of the singles and not sing along. “Knowing Me Knowing You” is my favourite with “SOS” a close second. OK, I’ll admit the quality dims a little towards the end of their career and I do not care for the movie Mama Mia – the closest you’ll get to seeing A-list stars performing drunken karaoke 😦

5. Vamps et Vampire – the Songs of Serge Gainsbourg

Very cool comp put out by the lovely people at Ace International. 25 classics including songs by Francoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Catherine Deneurve, Charlotter Gainsbourg and even Brigitte Bardot. For a long time, I’ll admit i didn’t care for French pop. I’m happy to admit I was wrong.

6. Simon and Garfunkel – Wednesday Morning 3A.M.

Now this is a bit of a curio. Two nice middle class Jewish boys sing bland Christian folk songs for their debut album. Largely forgettable, but then there’s “Bleecker Street” which hints of something greater. And then the album closer “The Sound of Silence.” Producer Tom Wilson later adds electric backing. It becomes the lead from the second album and history is made.

7. Sleater Kinney –No Cities to Love

Since Sleater-Kinney never officially broke up, does this album, coming a decade after The Woods, count as a reunion or simply a continuation? In any event, it’s as terrific as any other of their releases. Thrilling riffs, pounding drums, screaming vocals. Stunning.

8. Suzi Quatro – “Warm Leatherette”

Now here’s something interesting. Tough girl Suzi Quatro does the old Normal song. From her box set release.

9. Olivia Jean – Bathtub Love Killings

Debut release from the Black Belles singer which sounds a lot like Jack White, and French ya-ya music, and country, and retro and, oh just listen to it. Loads of fun.

10. Jad Fair

Jad Fair of Half Japanese is one of the under-appreciated geniuses of our time. For a modest sum, he’ll write a song for you. I commissioned a song for my wife’s birthday this year. She was thrilled. I was delighted. You will be too.


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