On Aufhebengate and TPTG’s Counter Inquiry

August 27, 2014 at 8:39 pm (Uncategorized)

In 2011, a scandal broke out in the circles I travel in. A member of the collective which publishes the very interesting journal Aufheben had signed his name to a report for the police on crowd control. At the time, the group I’m with, published its statement on the matter. Since then, we have not changed our opinion on Aufheben, but we have revised our position regarding a proposal by the TPTG group which broke the scandal. Here is the statement:

In 2011, the Greek communist group TPTG publicized the fact that a member of the collective which publishes the journal Aufheben , J.D., was also a signature on articles on crowd control which were commissioned by the police. This class-collaborationist act was the subject of much heated discussion within the milieu.

TPTG for its part also proposed a “proletarian counter-inquiry.” In November 2011, we published a short article on our blog entitled “On Aufhebengate” which condemned the actions of J.D., but also rejected TPTG’s proposal for a commission into such actions.

Since we published our position, we have pursued this discussion further with both Aufheben and TPTG. In the case of Aufheben we stand by our original assessment, but we now recognize that our assessment of TPTG’s position was inaccurate.

Rather than an inquiry to investigate the behavior of a particular person, TPTG’s proposal was directed at police methods in general, and the thinking behind it, including the use of crowd psychology. That is indeed a worthwhile research-project, and while it has so far yielded little in the way of concrete results, we have written to TPTG to offer our support and participation.

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