Half a Century High

July 11, 2014 at 4:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I turned 50 yesterday. I was going to write this post then, but I was too busy partying to get to it. Er,… no actually. first of all, I hate using the word party as anything other than a noun, and second, I had to work today.

A visit to the physiotherapist for a problem with my shoulder, a roti and some birthday cake, a few calls from family and friends, and capped the evening by watching a truly unfunny shit-com called Welcome to Sweden.

So, yeah, the title of this post refers to a Phil Ochs song I like rather than my prodigious drug habit –  caffeine is my favourite drug, closely followed by Advil for migraines which have followed me throughout my life.

What’s the line, if you’re not a communist by the time you’re twenty you have no heart, but if you’re still a communist by the time you’re thirty you have no brains? What does that say about a fifty year old? A friend asked me yesterday if I felt I had mellowed. Hmm. I’m certainly less active. Time for family, for work and the problem of less energy all feed into that. But mellow? Nah.

Aging is the most unexpected thing which happens to a person. I did think I would be more mature by now though.

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