A Note About the Parquet Courts

June 22, 2014 at 10:47 pm (Uncategorized)

The Parquet Courts are from Brooklyn. And, like a lot of bands, I end up liking, I heard a lot about them before I actually heard them. People with more spare time than me I guess.

The problem with the way we listen to music now, as opposed to the way I did when I was younger, is that whenever you heard a buzz, you can heard it immediately. The problem is that there’s just soooo much to hear now. In the old days, the limited distribution channels prevented them. Doesn’t mean I want to go back, but anyway, I digress.

A more serious problem though is that when you get the music, it’s often shaped by the buzz you heard. So when I first heard of Parquet Courts, words like slacker, and Pavement-influenced surrounded them. And sure, when I listened to Light Up Gold I could hear some of that, but it’s lazy and really unfair to the band.

The band released a new album Sunbathing Animal earlier this year, but I hadn’t heard it when I went to see them at the Horseshoe a few weeks back.  I missed the first couple of bands because it was a Sunday night, and going out is getting harder (OK, Marcela, I admit it!) Alas, even with those opening bands, it was late.

Still, it was worth it. PC (sorry, I’m just to lazy to keep typing out the band’s name), brought a range of sounds. From short snappy punk, to pop sounds, to longer drones (I admit, I liked the latter the best). Very cool, and the nearly full Horseshoe crowd responded in kind. One odd thing that I’ve noticed at a few shows now, bands perform their encores without a break. A longer set, or a quick note and that’s it; house lights come up.

Good experience though.



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