Anarchy in Montreal 2014 – A Brief Report

May 31, 2014 at 10:24 am (Uncategorized)

It’s been said that anarchist has a broad back, that it encompasses many things. The truth of that statement is evident to anyone who visits the annual Anarchist Bookfair in Montreal: from Platformists, to syndicalists, to feminists, to anti-Police-brutality activists, to publishers, to First Nations, to  ultra-left Marxists (sorry self-reference here) and every one in-between the bookfair is a dazzling display of (anti)political diversity.

The bookfair began in 2000, but over its fifteen year existence has grown into a month-long festival of which the centre point is the two-day bookfair which was held last weekend. I always imagine that I will be able to table both days, but this time of year is busy for me, and I always seem to flake out. Ahh, next year.

My sales were up a little from last year, and I had some very interesting conversations with attendees. I did see a few more Zapatista t-shirts than previous year (not a good thing in my opinion), but such is life. This is still oee of the big events of the year for me.

When I opened up my in box this morning there was a reminder about the Toronto bookfair which is taking place in July 19. Hope to see you there.


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