Get Your Blood Red Shoes…At the Garrison

May 17, 2014 at 2:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Down to the Garrison last night for the Blood Red Shoes there. Saw BRS last year at the Horseshoe, and they are a fantastic live band. It was my first time at the Garrison. It’s a small venue a little bigger than the Rivoli on Dundas west of  Ossington, but it was the perfect size to appreciate the band.

Opening band Radkey arr a three-piece from St. Joseph, Missouri. They played a savage forty minute set which seems to have three distinct styles throughout. Hardcore speed which veered into metal territory, slow sludgey numbers, and then more melodic mid-tempo stuff (my preferred style).  The audience was sparse at the start, but by Radkey’s last song, the crowd had grown measurably and seemed impressed by the set. You can download a free song from Radkey’s web page if you’re so inclined.

After a forty minute wait, BRS came on at 10:45. Blood Red Shoes are a two-piece from Brighton with a self-titled fourth record out now (I bought a CD at the merch table.  I asked the guy for the new one, but when I got home, I realized it was the old one – s’ok. I don’t have it, and it’s a pretty good record) With just guitar and drums, some backing tapes and both Laura-Mary and Steven singing, the band make an incredibly full sound complete with pounding drums, slashing guitar and catchy songs. There’s drone sound to them which pulls the audience in. The band played for a little under an hour, followed by a two-song encore and concluding with the epic “Colours Fade.”

At the risk of repeating myself, I still wonder why this band isn’t more popular. The Garrison was less than half-full, although the front of the stage was densely packed. Oh and one final nitpick. By the end of the set, there were fewer people than at the beginning of the show: It’s Friday; it’s not a school night!  At 49, I’m at the older end of the audience spectrum, but I was there until the house lights came on. I tell you, the younger generation these days doesn’t have the stamina. Seriously though: spend your money on this band. They deserve it, and you will be happy with your decision.


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