Ontario Provincial Election: Let the Laughs Begin

May 4, 2014 at 2:30 pm (Uncategorized)

A few days day, the Ontario New Democratic Party announced they would not be supporting the minority Liberal government’s budget automatically triggering an election. The election was then called for June 12, and probably the only good thing is that it will be over before summer starts.

The Liberals under Kathleen Wynn didn’t really want an election. Wynn, who was chosen by her party to lead the province after Dalton McGuinty resigned, has done well to restore the reputation of her party after a series of scandals, but it’s likely too little too late, especially since she was a supporter of all of the policies of that leader. Although I should mention that Wynn is my provincial representative and actually knocked on my front door last time. We argued, and tagging me as a “progressive,” her final argument was that I should vote for her because the NDP couldn’t win, and the Conservatives would be worse than her party. And people call me a cynic.

Tim Hudak, the Progressive Conservative leader has been jonesin’ for an election since his party was defeated last time. Hudak has a wet-dream about a return to the glory years of Mike Harris’  “Common Sense Revolution” (of which his wife was a policy architect). Hudak though comes across of the dimmest of the three leaders. He’s always struck me as James Gregory’s character Sen John Yerkes Islin in The Manchurian Candidate, full of fire but really being fed other people’s words, and only somethings being aware of it. But even Hudak must surely know if he fails to win, his party will devour him.

Andrea Howarth of the New Democrats has the most to win and the most to lose. While she can stay on as leader even if she loses (no expects much of her party), she has gambled this is the time for growth for her party. This of course paints her as an opportunist less concerned about politics than her own standing  (perhaps she just showverdosed on House of Cards).  And like the federal party, the ONDP is moving to the political centre, downplaying unions and the S word (although happy to take money and activists) is order to be respectable. Of course, the days of even rhetorical commitment to radicalism are long gone. I do look forward to the point in the campaign when the NDP admits it can’t win, and also the arguments of the left as to why these fakes ought to be supported.

And me? Well, the choice between strawberry, chocolate and vanilla ice-cream is all very well, but if I’m lactose intolerant or simply want a healthier option means it isn’t much of a choice.

Still, maybe they’ll be a few laughs along the way.

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