Holly Golightly Returns to the Horseshoe

May 4, 2014 at 2:08 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

I’m a bit late writing this one – the show was ten days back, but ironically, today would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 85th birthday., and while our Holly was named for the book character rather than the movie, it seems like an interesting co-incidence.

It’s been almost six years  since Holly Golightly and Lawyer Dan (AKA the Brokeoffs) played Toronto, but the wait was worth it.  Out to promote the new album All Her Fault Holly and Dan rocked the Horseshoe Tavern to a small but appreciative audience.

I owe an apology to Danny Laj and the Looks. When they opened for Jim Jones in January, I arrived to hear them say good night. “Right” I thought, “this time I’ll check them out.” The spirit was willing, but the flesh was tardy and I arrived to hear maybe a minute of their set. Next time, I promise!

Second band of the night were Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party. Hard to pin this one band. At times, they reminded me of Leonard Cohen performing Tom Wait’s Rain Dogs,but then there was that Irish jig about Moses.  It might have been me, since the audience had clearly come to see them. The band just seemed to pull in too many directions; and while diversity is often a strength, here it was a distraction.

And inexplicable, to me anyway, the crowd grew smaller while we waited for Holly. OK, I understand it was a school night, but people you missed a treat. The two-piece tore through a selection from the new album and old classics (you should really try to track down the official bootleg No One Will Be There for a sense of their live show) filtered through a garage rockabilly sensibility.  As my mate Chris remarked, “give me some slide guitar and a trucker’s hat and I’m happy.” Woven into the show were tales of nutty neighbours in rural Georgia and of border crossings.  Short ,all too short a set, but still I did the fanboy thing and waited to get autographs.

Great night. Great band. Now, why weren’t more people there?


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