Music Notes 2014

April 30, 2014 at 4:03 pm (Uncategorized)

In under the wire

1. Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs – All Her Fault

The seventh release from Holly and Lawyer Dan. There’s no real change in the formula – rootsy country-blues-garage-rockabilly, so if you love it, here more. Dig the opening track “SLC.”

2. The Coasters – Very Best of…

Tracked this one down after seeing he Strypes again. It seemed I needed to have the original version of “I’m a Hog for You.” But there are lots of other great tracks from the group on this Rhino release.

3. Nothing Can Hurt Me

Finally got around to seeing the Big Star documentary last week.  A terrific movie about a band that should have been much, much bigger (the relative failure of the first album led Chris Bell to quit). Some amazing footage of the band, along with early film of the Cramps and Tav Falco on a US TV show. Very strange. Beautiful, but sad.

4. Public Enemy – It’ll Take a Nation of Millions to hold us Back.

Back from the days when rap was the black CNN instead of the black eBay. The band’s second and best album. In an age when so much rap is forgettable, this one from back in the day demands you stop and listen.

5. Pixies – “Gigantic”

Now, you may have heard the rather interesting version of this song in the new i-phone commercial (c’mon, Apple, did you listen to the words?), but it’s worth putting on the original to hear  Kim.

6. CatL – This Shaking House

Came out yesterday. CatL are one of Toronto’s best live bands, now back as a duo, they sound better than ever.

7. The Small Faces – The Small Faces

It’s a good first album, but not a great one. The great one is the second album, also called The Small Faces. Still, this one has many R ‘n’ B delights and in their rip off of Muddy Waters, you can hear just how much Robert Plant was influenced by Steve Marriott.

8. The New Dolls – Too Much Too Soon

I was looking for my copy of the first album the other day, but when I couldn’t find it, this one satisfied. It’s an odd one even ignoring the prophetic title. The first album has ten songs with one cover. This one has ten songs and four covers, which seems to imply, the band didn’t have enough songs.  Still, “Mystery Girls” “Chatterbox” and the rest do hit the spot. Oh and those covers rock too.

9. “The Ballad of Geeshie and Elvie”

A remarkable detective story which appeared in the New York Times a few weeks back. The lost blues.

10.  Half Japanese – Fire in the Sky

Many years ago at the Toronto International Film Festival, I saw “Half Japanese: The Band Who Would be King.”  The following day I bought this record. From Jonathan Richman-like songs to noise cacophony, the record never sits still. Nice version of Roky Erickson’s “Clear night” as a hidden track too.

Listen up now.

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