Music Notes March 2014

March 30, 2014 at 10:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Here we are then.

1. Wilko Johnson / Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home

Wilko’s last album, blah, blah, blah. That’s not important. What is important is that this is a collaboration between an amazing singer and an equally amazing guitarist. It takes a little getting used to hearing Daltrey’s vocals on some of the tracks, , and for my money the production is a little too clean, but there’s a warmth and a love of rock and roll that this record exudes that’s unbeatable. A joy to hear.

2. The Strypes – Snapshot

From the other end of the spectrum then. The debut album by four Irish lads who’ve spent a lot of time listening to the early Stones, Yardbirds, Pretty Things, Dr. Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods etc  and have come up with something quite wonderful.  Tasteful covers and inspiring originals, but it all honesty, live is how you want to hear these songs.

3. Quadrophenia

Saw this again this month. I think I saw this on TV in the early eighties, and no doubt missed a lot of it. (who knows what was cut out). I read somewhere mod purists find a lot of complain about in it, but it’s still a fascinating portrait of a subculture and a youth who is slowly falling apart (great soundtrack too). Oh, and the ending is different from what I remember too. Get the Criterion edition. It’s worth it.

4. Dean Wareham – Dean Wareham

Mentioned the EP last month. Here’s the full length album. Similar to a lot of Wareham’s work, the songs are slow but burn with intensity. If you’re a fan, you already know. Can’t wait until the show next week. Horseshoe Tavern April 9.

5. The Black Keys – “Fever”

I imagine more than a few people will be surprised by the sound of this. A much poppier, less bluesier sound, but fueled by a completely addictive organ riff. The album is out May 12.

6. The Small Faces – “All or Nothing ”

In last month’s Mojo, there’s a Small Faces and friends CD including a remastered version of this little classic. Go get it

7.  The New Mendicants – Into the Lime

Ex Teenage Fanclub + Ex Pernice Brother= fab pop. You be the judge (although here’s a clue- yes)

8.  These New Puritans – Field of Reeds

If you liked the first two TNP albums (as I did), this one is a bit of a shock. Less a collection of songs than a sound spread across a recording. My daughter commented that it sounded like a soundtrack – she might be right. There’s a moodiness, an ambiance, which is impossible to digest in a single meal. Very ambitious, very challenging, and certainly worth exploring.

9. Mudhoney – “Touch Me I’m Sick”

Ooh, is it too early to complain about the licensing of this song for PS4?

10. Dick Hebdige – Subculture

Not a record, not a film, but a book. Not even about music, but about culture, specifically subculture. Subtitled the meaning of style. Isn’t all music about style? About subculture? Anyway, an old book dating to the 70s, but very insightful. Have a read.


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