It’s Comic Book Wednesday!

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Following Sunday’s post about Comicon, it’s Wednesday! And that’s new comic book day. Ooh, it’s a good week: American Vampire returns. The new “season” of Buffy begins and a new Dark Horse Presents appears. There’s also a twentieth anniversary book of Hellboy stuff put together by Mike Mignola and apparently containing new material. Visit your local comic book shop. you might be surprised, and while you’re there…

1. American Vampire

The story of Skinner Sweet, the first American vampire, different from the European species. Written by Scott Snyder and drawn by  Rafael Albuquerque, AV follows Skinner and his offspring Pearl Jones from the 1920s up through the 1950. The book has been on hiatus for a year, so I’m pretty excited to see this again.

2. Black Widow

The Black Widow is an early Marvel character originally appeared as a cold war Russian spy in Iron Man. With Scarlett Johanssen’s portrayal in the Marvel movies, interest has picked and Marvel’s trying another run as a spy seeking redemption. Four issues published and while it’s not essential, the art, by Phil Noto was a dreamy quality to it which is quite lovely.

3. Aya of Yop City

Now for people who think comics are all muscle-bound superheroes and busty damsels, this is necessary. Aya is a three-volume graphic novel by Margaret Abouet and Clement Oubriere and tells the story of Aya, a smart girl who lives in Cote D’Ivoire. The books focus on Aya’s goal to go to university while highlighting her friends and family problems. It’s poignant and heartwarming storytelling. (An animated version was made in France in 2012)

4. Battling Boy

Paul Pope’s epic fantasy about a boy, his quest and some power-laden t-shirts. It’s a thrilling little novel, which I read in a single sitting and immediately wanted more. More, is coming in September or so I hear.

5. Fatale

Sex, drugs, rock n roll, ritual killings…hang on a minute. Ed Brubaker’s fantastic book about a succubus like woman who weaves her way through American society pursued by Lovecraft like cultist. Sadly, only four issues left. And it’s worth buying the comics as they have cool little essays in the back.  

6. Velvet

Another Brubaker title which can be summed up in a single sentence: Imagine Miss Moneypenney were James Bond. Oh and she looks a little like Susan Sontag.

7.Dark Horse Presents

A monthly anthology series with great little stories sometimes spread over three or four issues. The cream of Dark Horse’s stable (was that enough of a painfully mixed metaphor for you?), including Neal Adams, Howard Chaykyn, Mike Mignola, Steve Niles and many many more.

8. Locke and Key

Is there a horror gene? Joe Hill’s dad is Stephen King. Joe Hill’s fantastic horror thriller echoes the best of his dad’s work, along with Lovecraft (that name again), and Hill’s own work. (Read Heart Shaped Box, it’s great) Who’s got the key now?

9. Casanova

Matt Fraction’s groovy SF spy book (which owes a nod to Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius saga) about the adventures of Casanova Quinn. Volume 1 is drawn by the very wonderful Gabriel Ba and the second by his equally wonderful twin brother Fabio Moon. That alone should make you want to read it. 

10. Loki Agent of Asgard

My friend Lindsey, who has generally impeccable taste, really digs this. Loki of course is Thor’s evil brother. But then he died. And came back as a boy. Now he’s more of an anti-hero. Wasn’t entirely my thing, but the last page (no spoilers here) is enough to make me want to read it further.


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