Being a Dad (part 6): The Movies

February 24, 2014 at 1:58 am (Uncategorized)

Took my son to see The Lego Movie this afternoon.

Initially, the boy was too cool to see the movie, and I was puzzled. First, it’s a movie and the boy will see pretty much anything. Second, it’s Lego, and the boy loves Lego and has a couple of Lego video games.

Eventually, he changed his ind and I learned why. He thought it was a movie for younger kids, and thought maybe he was too old for it. But after a school friend told him it was a great film, he changed his mind.

And yeah, I loved it too. I laughed all the way through (“Dad, I think you liked the movie more than I did”) . Why not, the portrayal of Batman as a narcissistic jerk is brilliant. Sure, sure, the movie is fairly traditional in its morality take about how every one is special, but the sheer energy and humour in the film… It’s wonderful.

I remember the first time I went to the movies. It was around 1970. My dad took me to see Jungle Book with my cousin Richard and his dad. I was six. It’s a great moment, the first time. But the magic lingers.

So to the guy down the aisle from me who spent half the movie scrolling on his phone and even made a call while his little kids fussed around, “Buddy, it’s not about you and your important life. It’s about your kids. I can’t even really think you’re a jerk, because, ultimately, you’re missing out. ”

Take your kids to a movie and enjoy the film with them. It’s worth it.



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