Love in a Cold Climate

December 17, 2013 at 1:15 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Living in Canada can be a challenge. It’s going to snow every year, and it’s going to snow…often. The drive to work this morning was , well, shitty. And every year there’s that moment when you’re walking on a beautiful sunny day, the ground covered with a blanket of freshly fallen snow (sorry, Paul Simon) when the wind hits you in the forehead with the most unimaginable pain. And so it goes.

Getting a dog, I knew would complicate this because I knew it would be me walking him early and late: Find the dog’s coat; put the grease coating on the dog’s paws to protect his feet against the salt; try to stop the dog from licking the stuff off before you get outside, etc.

But after all that. As I walk the dog this morning, it hits me just how beautiful it is. First of all there’s almost no one around. The occasional car drives past. A man shovels his pathway. Another walks her dog. The trees hang heavy with snow, and the snow continues to fall. Surely one of the most beautiful sights is how the snow falls through the street light’s beam.

Many years ago I taught ESL in Calgary. Once a student from Japan asked me the word for the snow when it fell this way. “Dunno,” I replied.”I don’t think we have a word.”

“Oh,” she said. “It looks like angel’s breath.”

It’s at moments like this when despite all the dreadful things which occur in the world there are those rare moments of beauty. It’s when you think, why couldn’t it always be like this?  I’m not going to ruin a reflection with a speech, but it’s a good thought to start the day.


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