Bare Mutants hit the Drake

December 6, 2013 at 2:35 am (Uncategorized) (, )

Occasionally I realize that my tastes might not be tune with the broader milieu.

A month or so back, my wife sent me an email from work about a band called the Bare Mutants along with a link to the album then streaming on Pitchfork (ironically when Pitchfork came to review the record , it was a petty negative slag off – their loss). Anyway, the alum to my ears was one of those releases that you fall in love with after the first ten seconds. Subsequent listenings only strengthened by belief: this was a great record.

So when I heart they were playing the Drake, I hurried down to Soundscapes to get tickets lest it sell out and I be disappointed. Alas I needn’t have worried.

We go to the Drake a little after nine last night, only to see the place was deserted. About 10 people were drinking and waiting for the openers CTZNSHP to appear. Around nine thirty they did. A polite Canadian three-piece CTZNSHP sounds like a different post-punk band with every song – no slang. It was an effective recreation with a little something original thrown in. Can’t remember the name of any of the songs, but Heartbreak Kids and On a Roll, two atmospheric treats  )one moody, one rocky)can be found on their bandcamp page.

Ten-Thirty came the Mutants. Thirty seconds or so of guitar noise, and we were off. And for the next forty minutes the band played a noisy blend of hip sounds with a building intensity that made the payoff so rewarding. The five piece Mutants mixed a garage sound with waves of guitar and sixties organ and percussion sounds. Thrillingly eclectic.

I’m almost embarrassed to say it was my first visit to the Drake, and the only real downside (it’s a great venue) was that almost no one came out. There were fewer than twenty-five people in the room throughout the set. you missed out Toronto. Bare Mutants, don’t hold it against us; come back soon.


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