Linda McQuaig and the Perils of Social Democracy

September 22, 2013 at 3:29 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Linda McQuaig is a Canadian journalist and author who writes from a left social-democratic perspective.Conrad Black once described McQuaig as a “weedy” leftist and later opined she ought to be horsewhipped.

I’ve read a few of her books, and generally enjoy here columns when they criticize things I don’t like much either ( whatever the theoretical shortcomings). Still, I’ll admit I was a little disappointed when McQuaig announced her candidacy for the New Democratic Party nomination in Toronto Centre, which was held by former Ontario NDP leader Bob Rae during his turn as a Federal Liberal. (McQuaig easily won the nomination).

In a printed debate with LIberal candidate Chrystia Freeland in the September 21 2013 edition of the Globe and Mail , McQuaig scored points against Freeland who appears to see poverty through the prism of the privileged, but conceded she wasn’t against capitalism, but unbridled capitalism.

Ah, Linda, and just who do you think will be doing the bridling? The NDP which has been a good and faithful servant of capitalism since its inception? A telling indictment is that on the list of endorsers to McQuaig’s campaign is one Michael Lewis who served as provincial secretary to the NDP during the 1980s. Lewis was as establishment as you could get. His father, David Lewis was Federal party leader, but in the fifties served the right-wing of the unions in driving out communist activists. His brother Stephen, now reborn as an elder statesman on AIDS activism, was the party leader who drove out the leftist Canadian nationalists of the Waffle in the early 1970s.  Tell me who your friends are and…

Linda McQuaig, if she is successful, won’t be the last leftie commentator swallowed by social democracy, and it’s possible she could be allowed to be a rebel within the party as leftist cover (though Tom Mulcair would likely have other opinions), but it does seem she will likely be writing fewer moderately interesting books.


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