Music Notes – August 2013

August 31, 2013 at 4:10 pm (Uncategorized)

1. Bare Mutants – The Affliction

The review in Pitchfork suggested by bandleader Jared Gummere is playing it safe by simply revisiting the classic Velvets/Televsion/Modern Lovers/garage sound. Maybe so, but what a lovely sound it is. If you loved any of the bands i just mentioned, this will resonate. And reverberate. And make you happy, All day.

2. The Julie Ruin – “Oh Come on”

And speaking of garage, Kathleen Hanna’s heading back to it.  A fine taster for the upcoming album. I will admit a slight queasiness about the fact the merch seems to be ready before the music, but people have to eat.

3. Valerie June – Pushing Against a Stone

With the success of the Alabama Shakes everybody’s looking for the next blues-soul crossover. Which means fantastic artists like Valerie June both benefit from the interest, but are downplayed as bandwagon jumpers. Unfair, unfair. Listen without prejudice.

4. PJ Harvey – “Shaker Aamer”

A track for the last remaining British resident in Guantanamo Bay. Amazing. Available as a free download from Soundcloud.

5. Anna Calvi – “Eliza”

After what seems to be such a long time, the first single from Anna Calvi’s new album One Breath is out (album in October).  Lovely, atmospheric pop.

6. Serge Gainsbourg – Master Serie

Overall, I’m not a fan of French pop, but I’ve definitely revised my opinion about it. Working my way through this Gainsbourg 3 CD set. I’m not loving all of it, but there’s a lot that merits repeated listens (sorry, too lazy to type titles)

7.  Iggy Pop – The Idiot

After last week’s Riot Fest show with Iggy (review pending), I pulled The Idiot, the least Iggy like in my opinion of his albums, off of the shelf. It’s an odd one.  Carrying a lot of Bowie’s influence, the record though is certainly layered and beautiful. To see Iggy now, and I recommend it to everyone, Raw Power seems to be the strain that has won out, but it’s worth listening to the other stuff (and especially Fun House) to see what else the man did. OK, OK, I was super-thrilled when he played “the passenger” last week.

8. The Strypes – “What a Shame”

Argh, am I going to have to plug the Stypes every month? Well, if they keep releasing singles I am.  Another slice of Rolling Stones R and B. Album out next month. Now how about some North American dates?

9. Dean Wareham – “Love is Colder than Death”

Well well.  I can’t remember the last thing released. The Warhol comp? Dreamy, moody. And a great, though not entirely original, title

10. Paul Faulkener

My mate Paul has played in various bands longer than I’ve known him. He’s recorded an album which will be released in September. What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t try to build some buzz?

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