The Wonderful Horrible Life of Chris Spence

July 26, 2013 at 5:56 pm (Uncategorized)

For those of you who don’t live in Toronto, Chris Spence is the former director of education with the Toronto District School Board. In January of this year, Spence abruptly resigned his position after it came to light that several articles he had published in the Toronto Star and elsewhere were….um… not entirely original. Lovely:  The spectacle of the head of the school board resigning after being caught plagiarizing material is fairly rich.  The worse case was Spence wrote of explaining to his son about the shooting in New Town in words very close to ones that had already appeared in the St. Louis 
Dispatch. I don’t believe in Hell, but if there is one, Spence ought to go straight there for that one.

So, after six long months, Spence has finally broken his silence to describe the “living hell” he went through after he got caught. Well, it turns out that while Spence has taken ownership of the scandal, to use a current term, it wasn’t his fault. Spence after noting he wasn’t pointing fingers, proceeded to point fingers at unnamed researchers who he implied had written the stories (it doesn’t quite explain the New Town story though, unless he didn’t even read it before signing it).

So, essentially, the argument boils down to this, and it’s one that might make teachers smile: Oh I didn’t plagiarise anything. It must have been the kid who did my homework. Teachers: watch for this one come September.



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