RBG Blues

July 26, 2013 at 5:33 pm (Uncategorized)

I wasn’t going to, I really wasn’t. Oh, it’s just too easy to take shots at Royal Baby George (hereafter RBG) to say his mum had a really bad case of constipation (it took her nine months to have a shit), but I decided to take the high road and ignore it. (I’m so glad I wasn’t in the UK when RBG arrived though).

Then came the inevitable editorial in the Toronto Globe and Mail which contained this little gem in a July 23 editorial:

Canadians who are offended that a child is born into the rank and privilege of the monarchy should remember the extent to which their own lives are defined by where they are born and who their parents are. For many of us, to be born in Canada is a tremendous privilege

The following day though, an op-ed column by Konrad Yakabuski on Detroit centred on public sector pensions as a major cause of the city’s bankruptcy. Looks as if the tremendous privilege of living in Canada is about to become a little less tremendous. Thank god we have a royal baby to take our collective minds off of it.

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